Welcome to spike's home page...

okay so i dont have much on here... I'm working on it!

and so what if this is all a big mess... *:P

dont this page seem really lame??? well thats the web for you...

go here for the BRAIN STEM website... (much better webstuff too!)

Cool talkers i go to:

go to see cirrus Nebula ...

go to see cirrus Nebula's Web Page ...

go to see somewhere else

Yahoo's list of talker like places

links elsewhere...

wanna vocalize to someone via the internet?- Speakfreely by John Walker (switzerland)

the North American Mirror Site- Speakfreely by John Walker

vampiresse's page

kafka's page

ynot's page

jasz's page

bill's page

SE's page

adaisy's page

adaisy 's Home Page #2

edith's page

maljalemur's page

guset's page

holden's page

NO EXIT- a Really splendiferous page, by a woman i'd marry for her attitude

revolution radiothe save Rev105 page

Heres lookin at you kid... Pix... Sounds and music...

a bijillion times has this stoopid page been accessed

i made dis!